Course Meals

Course Meals

Most of the dishes that are crafted within the cafe are meant to be single course meals. There are other times that some of the dishes are part of a full course meal that is slowly being served in the cafe. Each dish that is part of the course have some sort of connection with each other. It maybe that they are part of an overarching story or share characters.

This page is dedicated to showcase the dishes that are part of each course meal and what has been served.

Otaku Mansion
A collection of stories featuring a rich otaku who had place a ‘help wanted’ ad and the people who respond to the advertising.

Course 1- Maid for the Job
Course 2- Willing to Learn
Course 3- Sleeping on the Job
Course 4- Bubble Gum Kid
Course 5- The Otaku Life
Extra Treat- Getting the Scoop on the Manison

The Blue Haired Witch
A recording of the encounters that various people have had with a mysterious blue haired young lady.

Course 1- Beach Babes
Course 2- Of Bunny Girls and Carrots
Course 3- Ramen Woman
Course 4- The Witch’s Apprentice
Course 5- Please Don’t

Project IdolM@ster
A continuing story of a company developing a team of idols for their personal liking.

Course 1- Making an Idol
Course 2- Act 2
Course 3- Whatever
Course 4- Idols on the Run
Special Treat- Christmas Cheer

Part Time Cosplayer
The journal entries of a 9 to 5 cubical office worker who works part time as a cosplay genius with the help of his hair clips.

Course 1- Cosplay Star (Rio Rainbow Gate)
Course 2- IdolM@ster
Course 3- The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Course 4- IdolM@ster (Again)
Course 5- Hetalia
Course 6- Pretty Cure Splash Star

The Misadventures of Jackie
The story of a boy turned catgirl by a witch who wanted a new pet.

Course 1- What a Nice Kitty
Course 2- Happy Kitty

Slave for You
A scenario done in First, Second and Third Person

First Person
Second Person
Third Person

Christmas Wishes
A series of Christmas related transformation.

One of the Girls
Holiday Help
Christmas Curry
All I Wanted…

Magical Girl Elliot
A simple wish to become a superhero has made Elliot into the hero he didn’t expect to be.

Course 1- Superhero
Course 2- First
Course 3- Unable
Course 4- Name
Course 5- Tough
Course 6- Partner
Course 7- Combine
Course 8- Role
Course 9- Change
Course 10- Happen
Course 11- Trust
Course 12- Together
Course 13- Fear
Course 14- Sorry
Course 15- Time
Course 16- Love
Course 17- Finale

Dress Up Doll Fun
The troubles of Chris as his friend Anna dresses him in an array of different outfits.

Course 1- Touching Games
Course 2- Afterschool Homework
Course 3- Making Up

The story of a card collector who found a new way to play his favorite game.

Course 1- Season 1
Course 2- Season 2

Magical Lagoon
The results of a bet where the lose is forced to wear a magical girl outfit.

Course 1- Original Transformation
Course 2- Second Transformation

The Student Body
The story of how a Student Body president was able to make sweeping reform just by changing all the boys into girls.

Course 1- Makes a Student Body Good
Course 2- Another A+
Course 3- Rainy Days
Course 4- Swimming to Good Health
Course 5- The Student Body President

Bunny Farms
The sequel to Project IdolM@ster where another company tries to make perfect spokewomen for their company.

Course 1- Bunny Farms Golf
Course 2- Bunny Farms Tennis
Course 3- Voice Changing

The Time Travelin’, Body Hoppin’, Traveler
A time traveler who hops from body to body in order to travel though time. Will he return back to his original time?

Course 1- The Bento
Course 2- The Date
Course 3- The Time

Got to be Mad!
Mad Scientist Ethan experiments with body transformations. Why? Because he is mad!

Course 1- Cellular Reconstruction Course 2- Mental Alteration
Course 3- Complete Transformation

Sisterhood of the Shooting Star
A collaboration between TG Caption Cafe and Divine Intervention. This is a story about a group of friends and how one wish changed their lives.

Appetizer- Intro
Course 1- TabithaCourse 2- June
Course 3- Eva
Course 4- Penny

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