Comments and Requests

Comments and Requests

Here at TG Caption Cafe, I try to provide entertaining captions. Sometimes they are delicious but other times they can leave a bad aftertaste. So if you have any comments, complaints, raves, suggestions or tips then feel free to let me know. This is sort of the ‘tip jar’ for the blog where you can share your thoughts.

If you have any requests of any kind then feel free to let me know. May it be an idea for a caption or an image. I’ll be happy to consider it. Your idea could be the next dish to be served on this blog.

You can contact me either by email or leaving a comment on this page. Either way will be fine. Please remember that comments on this page are public. So if you want to talk to me in private then send an email to TGCaptionsCafe (at) Your comments will be looked at in a timely manner.

209 thoughts on “Comments and Requests

  1. A request; could you do one which has multiple people being changed, with all of them being aware of what has happened to them and the others? Not too difficult, I hope. πŸ˜›
    Keep up the great work on the captions!

  2. You know throughout the internet it is difficult to find captions like yours. First of they feature beautiful anime visuals, have amazing varying stories and are not super explicit which just distracts from the story to me most of the time anyway (yours have a better sense of integrity as a result). So yeah I’ll definitely continue to be a regular at the cafe as long as you keep serving those great courses! Good work!

    • I am glad to have you as a regular customer.

      I do try my best to find great images for my captions and make each story different from the others. Sometimes it is hard since I don’t want to reuse transformation methods.

      You can keep expecting delicious dishes for a good while. I have several more to come.

  3. i love your captions there really amazing im becoming a regular i always check back every day for more please keep up the good work.

    Im really loving the drunk revenge crossdressing/revenge captions at this time if you could do a few of them πŸ™‚

      • Alas, the concept behind my suggestion is: heigth… For some reason i enjoy the TGee’s complaining about their newfound heigth, and Ichigo & Rukia are great choices for such (Rukia’s a Maggot , Ichigo’s a giant in Japanese terms)

      • That is true. Ichigo is taller then Rukia. Still, I wish I had thought of that when I made the caption. I remember to incorporate that into my future captions.

        Your Ichigo-Rukia caption will be up sometime next week.

  4. I’m looking to see some captioning be done. I’m in the mood for blue. Not a blue caption, mind you, but a caption that revolves around or uses blue as a central theme. This would be a radical caption.

    Also, I’d prefer it if the image for the caption did not have any blue in it.

    Is the waitress up to the task?

  5. Know what I think is really neat? You seem to be actually willing to follow through on the role of a maid or server. You’re not just playing pretend or trying to get people to satisfy your ego, you’re actually attempting to be as accommodating as a maid.

    That’s really awesome and I hope you keep up the good work. I hope I can help it be satisfying for you in my own small way as well.

    • I am glad that my service is satisfactory to you. After all, I am simply a servant to the people who come here regularly.

      Thank you once again. I hope that my dishes and service will continue to be pleasing. All I ask is a little bit of comments every so often. Hopefully maybe one day you will make a request.

      • You’re absolutely adorable! A true maid! Sakuya Izayoi would be proud of you. I’ll try to leave regular comments, just because I know how energizing it can feel to get feedback. To feel like you make others happy.

        Request? Hm. How about one about a guy trying to escape a faction of girls who intend to assimilate him into their own? That’s a common TG theme I work with.

      • Actually, here is a request — please turn off anonymous commentary. It makes it too easy to flame people, and if your blog winds up being indexed by ad spiders they will dump spam on you regularly.

      • I am not sure if I can turn off Anonymous commentary due to the the host. Also, I do not think I would like that because it may discourage people from posting comments. I understand that TG is something that people don’t openly admit so the Anonymous commentary can help people express what they like and dislike.

        As for Ad Spiders, the Spam does a good job in catching the spam so I don’t have to worry about that too much.

  6. I’d like to see more iM@S stuff. Also if possible would like to see a little sister big brother body swap~

  7. Request. Could you maybe use a picture of Mikan Yuuki for a caption. It doesn’t have to have anything to do with To Love-Ru, just use a cute picture of her.

  8. Ahoy, Can you do a TG Caption with the following?
    Starting race, Gender, occupation: Human male merchant
    Finishing race, Gender, occupation: Female wood elf druidess

    It’s the setting of Forgotten Realms. I have a character as shown above, I wonder what yo can do with it yourself :P. If you want, I’ll send you my character details later, once you’ve made it!

    • I can do my best. I will admit that Fantasy is not my forte but I am always willing to give anything a try.

      You are welcome to leave the character details in the reply for once I have finish this dish.

  9. Caption suggestion: Somebody finds a spell, potion, or object that gives people their ideal bodies. He shares it with all his friends thinking they’re just macho guys with macho guy ideals. The bulk of the caption would center around the friends trying to justify why they turn out looking the way they do. Maybe one of them could look like amy rose from Sonic X.

  10. Hello!

    I’ve recently won a book in a competition and after reading it, I saw that one of the stories it contained had some great ideas!

    It’s The Meteor and Other stories by John Wyndham.

    It’s the story – “The Body and Soul” – that contains this good idea.
    Here’s an online version of the book on scribd:

    (I’d like to warn that the genres of this book are: Horror, Fantasy and Sci-fi.
    Survival is a pretty gross story. Body and Soul is not.)

  11. May I request a caption? An imaginitive kid who loves Pokemon wishes he was a Pikachu, but ends up becoming a grown Pikachu woman.

  12. Hello Miki!

    I see you’re one of the few rather more active TG caption posters. I wanted to let you know that I am an extremely regular viewer; since sometime around November or December, I have made sure to check this site consistently. I thought I ought to let you know that I much, much appreciate the work you do! I find the captions fascinating. I have especially liked some of your crossdressing and clothing-focused ones, such as the Dress Up Doll Fun pair, Cut Little Dog Maid, and your more recent Test Dress, as well as captions that focus on active, domineering mind alteration or hypnosis, like Lucky Bridesmaid, Magical Girl Not!, Cute Little Dog Maid again, and others like them.

    It may be selfish of me, but perhaps I might politely provide some feedback? A focus on the clothing involved (the ones you have that feature gothic lolita, maid outfits, or cosplay focus have been especially interesting) and a focus on someone coercing or otherwise causing the change would enhance your output in my opinion. The biological shifts are rarely anything substantially different from one cap to another (one can only write “and then he grew breasts” so many different ways, after all!) but I have much liked the variety in clothing and control concepts you use, especially the most recent more scientific sort.

    I hate to tell you what to do, though, so simply regard this as a personal opinion of what I have most appreciated in your work, not any imperative to follow the request. And again, thank you for your dedicated activity! It is so nice to see, so rare to find someone continuing to be active and yet still so much so. Every post is appreciated! Thank you for your writing, Miki.

    • Come to think of it, actually, I suppose I could make one request. If it would not be too much of an imposition, of course.

      You posted one caption about being turned into a doll before. It was quite good, but I suppose I rather liked the idea of being able to resist that actively alongside the transformation. Being turned into a living doll, so to speak, a dress-up doll, physically mobile but still living entirely with the purpose of looking cute in elegant outfits, much like many dolls in anime.Less immobilized figurine, more Rozen Maiden, I suppose, in practice, with a focus on the state of being the designated dresswearer and existing in a pet-like role. A controlling genius girl turns a helpless boy into a clockwork doll, for example, simply to take into a pet-like role, and to make look elegant. Something touching on those sorts of themes in general would be a fantastic dish to be served, I think. Perhaps a little hypnosis on the side, a slow-simmering sort?

      Just a suggestion, though. I trust your particular skill when it comes to this unique catering.

      Actually on that note I rather liked your captions for Happy Kitty and for What a Nice Kitty. Those were good examples of what I mean! And, again, thank you for your work!

      • I was actually thinking about returning to do another doll based dish. I simply have not remember to look for any when I head to market for new ingredients. You can trust that I will get on this and surely keep your request in mind once I do.

        Your request has been taken and be served. Please keep an eye for it.

    • Thank you for the comment and request. I do try my best to make each caption different from the other. Especially just “grew breasts” said differently.

      I hope you do not mind if I ask if you clarify your request. Do you wish to see the changes simply to be something like “And then the soft fabric of the dress seem to over take him as he felt his body move against his will” or just different outfits used outside of the maid and lolita? I would appreciate it if you reply back. Thank you.

      • The former; admittedly, my guilty pleasures focus on the lolita and maid things. I’d hate you constrain you by my pallet, but I would hardly ask you to change what works, so to speak. The description of the interactions between subject and dress, though… Very much yes, you have put words to it properly, I think. I think that’s a good thing to focus on. I have no idea what sort of feedback you get regarding this sort of subject, but I personally find it the most appealing part of these things.

        Thank you for your response! And again, I very much have appreciated your work here, keep it up! I am nothing if not a fan by now.

      • I am sure you will see more maid and possibly lolita based captions in the future. The theme of my little establishment is a cafe after all and I do try my best to serve each and every costumer that comes here.

        I love to have open dialogue like this. It helps come up with future dishes and it is a bit of challenge to make dishes that have not been done yet. I will put what you said in mind the next time I am creating a new caption to serve here.

  13. Hi! Um I tried to send you an email but google said your email does not exist. Is there any other way to contact you with multiple requests?

      • I suppose I’ll just post what the Email said on here as long as you don’t mind.

        Hi! I love your captions just saying! They I enjoy how most are happy endings πŸ™‚ I have a couple ideas I’d like to pitch to you. Feel free to change or do anyone you want. Obviously you make your choices πŸ˜€ : I think having some sort of magic brook/river that would change a prince into a princess would be perfect for it. πŸ˜€ : I noticed that you didn’t have any ballerina caps. So I think that this would be a nice addition. I had an idea for this pic of having a boy talking about how ballet is for girls sport to a boy who is taking ballet. and he gets transformed into a female ballerina because of magic or something XD : a big card game collector wants a super rare card… That’s all I really got from this one honestly. I just like the picture XD I hope you would get more inspiration then I would from it. : I just like the picture of the cute girl. πŸ˜€ really this idea can go with a lot. But the first thing I think of when I see it is a boy who wanted a date for prom and he gets it but not the way he wanted obviously, as he becomes the girl meeting her date at there house. πŸ™‚ I don’t know it’s just the first story I thought of to go with this. πŸ™‚ : I had an idea that at a wedding every ones gender gets swapped and the people in the picture are the groom (now bride) and the best man (Now bridesmaid) Going with the wedding regardless of the changes. : A boy wants to try and sneak in on a girls only school but as soon as he gets on campus, he begins to change thanks to a curse on the school. But in the end (s)he thinks it might not be so bad after all. :3 : I just had a quick idea with this one, maybe a boy is always falling asleep in class because he stays up late. So the teacher turns him into a girl because girls go to sleep earlier, (because stereotyping that is what some people believe. XD ) and when (s)he comes to school the next day she falls asleep again because even though she went to bed earlier she had to get up earlier to get ready πŸ™‚ : I think this is my favorite idea πŸ™‚ um so a school is switching classes into boys and girls only, there is only one class for girls though because there are so few at the school. So four friends are being seperated into different boy classes and they wish they could be in the same class. So there genders swap and they don’t even care because they are all in the same class. πŸ˜€ I dunno what about it but I love it. Maybe it’s the picture itself? i dunno.

        Thank you so much for reading through this email πŸ˜€ I hope you enjoyed one or two of my ideas, or inspired you to different ideas! Either way I’m super thankful you read all this and for making your site. πŸ™‚ it’s fun to read and always gets me to chuckle or to feel all happy inside XD Thank you so much for reading through all of this once again!

        I hope that wasn’t too overwhelming…

      • I am glad that you are enjoying my dishes.

        These are all wonderful ideas and I like them. Do you mind if I use different ingredients for the images or change the recipe a little?

        Thank you for the ideas and I will surely work on these the next time I close the cafe for gathering new ingredients.

  14. Hi, I just have find your caption cafe and I find it realy nice ^^
    I wonder if you can make a caption where a guy (Alexis) is tricked and turn into a figure of Mami Tomoe (And end quite embarassed to be stuck as a female anime figure wearing her clothes and everything esle.) I hope you like the idea ^^
    If you need a picture here is one:

  15. I know you’ve done one already, but it’d cool to see another caption where someone is forced into the little sister role

  16. Not really a request in terms of making certain captions (there are particular ones I like, but that’s beside the point right now), I’d actually like to ask – how about updating the course meals at some point? The ‘extra’ to Otaku Mansion made me want to read a few of the older series, but the page where the series are listed is kind of outdated by now. ‘^^

    Other than that, though – keep up the very nice work – the new captions are always a nice read.

    • I am sorry that I have allowed the Course Menu to get into such disarray. I just have been busy with other things that have kept me from doing that.

      A lot of new courses have been added since the last time the menu has been updated. So it would be appreciated if customers like yourself could spot which ones are missing. If so, let me know in the menu itself. Thank you!

      EDIT: I am proud to say that the Course Menu is mostly updated. There is one secret course that was not included. If anything is missing from the menu then please let me know.

      • Heh, of course! Thanks for updating, I’ll take a look at it later this evening and then check whether or not something is still missing.

      • After checking it, I actually did find some missing ones. I’ll just post those here, then.

        Then I’m not entirely sure, but I think those two were related as well:

        I’m also not sure whether you want to add your christmas 2012 captions to the christmas themed ones from 2011 or not, but there’s at least 2 of them with the common title Holiday Help ’12 as well. Don’t have all the links for those right now.

        Last but not least, I still remember that ‘secret course’ from back then, especially seeing how you also called it hidden back then. I’m not going to link it here or mention which one it is as to not spoil it to others who might read this comment, though. We both know which one it is. ^^

        As always, though – keep up the nice work. I’ve been following your captions almost from the very beginning, and even if I almost never comment on them, I’m still enjoying every single one.

      • I had almost forgotten that some of the dishes were connected to them. At least, the one involving Jessica. Even worst, I was looking at these the other night. I will make sure to update the course menu this weekend with these. Thank you for your help.

      • I’m glad I was able to help, then. But well – forgetting about some of them is only natural, it’s been three years since you’ve started with it.

      • So… what happened to adding those captions to the course meals? Just checked, and they’re still missing there.

  17. Can you do a selvaria bles valkyria chronicles please? it or a sailor mercury cap please?
    Jessie from pokemon?
    Mai valentine, tea gardner, or Alexis Rhodes yugioh?

  18. I would love it if you could make captions where one boy is being forced (and didn’t want to be) into cross dressing by a girl, or a group of them. A group of girls would be great! πŸ˜€ Anyway, this is just a request and I understand if you can’t make one like this as I know it’s quite specific. I’m not sure why I enjoy it when a boy is sort of ‘bullied’ into crossdressing but I find it the best type of TG caption. To sum that up, I would like more like the ‘Dress Up Doll Fun’ course. Thanks πŸ™‚

      • Have you done anything like this in the past? Other than the doll dress up one? If so I would like to see it because I love that kind of TG capation πŸ˜€

    • I can try to do that but usually those involve longer dishes. I try to keep my dishes short so either the backstory gets cut or description. I can try to see what I can do. Thank you.

  19. Ever done a dish where the result is a villianess, bad girl or evil magical girl? Would love to see you try that idea. Still clean of course, just with more bada**ness.

  20. An old man who gets brain transplanted into the body of an attractive teenage girl.
    Is that a good idea?
    Or perhaps not, since to the old man stuck in a teen girl’s body, a youth’s life is just too full of things that are ‘waste of time’, like wanting to be popular, attention from idiotic hormone-addled young boys, teen rivalries, pointless debates about things that do not matter, prom, secretly perverted teachers, ridiculously short skirts for school uniforms, having to be friends with other immature teens, impractical (but pretty) clothes, etc etc … Endless frustrations.

    Can you please make a caption about this? That ‘being young again is not all it’s cracked up to be, especially if it’s in wrong gender’.

  21. What About a tg to mana from date a live, a body swap betwen kuro and illya from Fate kaleid liner prisma illya 2wei or a body swap betwen shana and yoshida kazumi from shakugan no shana.

    PS: Your captions are the Best keep going^^

  22. Hey, it’s me again!

    Your captions are great, I’ve been a long term fan, but I’m starting to wonder. What sort of view numbers are you getting? In terms of viewership of your blog, I mean. I’m just sort of curious for silly reasons.

  23. A wealthy inventor of sex-robots was killed in an accident during an experiment involving a state-of-the-art sex robot he created.
    What really happened is that the inventor actually survived by accidentally uploaded his mind into his state-of-the-art sex-robot, while his original body died.

    His hot playboy son gets really lucky: now that he’s inherited the entire estate since his inventor father’s legally dead.
    Plus he gets to have lots of fun with the state-of-the-art sex robot his own father’s imprisoned in.

    …Except that the state-of-the-art sex robot his own father’s in is actually so perfect he actually falls in love with her and can’t think of any other women, and marries her.

    The poor inventor obliging grudgingly every step of the way, at least this way he can someday re-assume control of his estate, keep watch of his foolish son, and perhaps get out of his predicament…


    perhaps this existence is not that bad after all?
    Having worked all his life, a ‘woman’ gotta have fun, right?

  24. Hello,

    I am one of your followers and for a while, I’ve got an idea. You see, i’m french and there are no french TG caption that are nice. I really like yout job. So If you want, i could traduct yours works then send you the result so if you want, you can add a french section to your site.

    This is only a proposition and i’ll be soon in vacation so i could begin soon if you want.

    I’m sorry if my email contains spelling mistakes, english is only my second language.

    i’ve tried to send you this by email but everytimes, y’ve got a error message so i send you this here

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