Fan Apprecation Week- Wishing Well

First off, thanks for all the votes. I am glad to see such a huge turn out. This caption received the third highest amount of votes.

Because this is fan appreciation week, I will give a little background about the creation of all the captions I post this week. I had received this caption from Divine Bandit hoping to make something out of it. I wanted to incorporate the images in the background and eventually decided to involve some memory altering into the caption. The ‘Wishing Well’ was just a means to do the TF.

I hope you like this caption and I wishing well for the other captions this week.

Wishing Well

Fan Appreciation Week


Earlier this month I posted my hundredth caption. That couldn’t have happen without the people who visit this site and supported me all the way up to that momentous milestone. So in order to thank everybody I would like to have a Fan Appreciation Week.

First off, I am going to rewind the clock and post three captions next week. It will be just like the beginning where I use to post that many a week. I will only be doing it for that week only though.

Second, attached to this post is an image of all the captions I currently have in my pool. I need you to post in the comments which four captions you would want me to post. Each caption is numbered so you can just post the number of the four captions you would like to see posted next week. The ones that are blacked out are part of a series and can’t be posted until the one prior to it is posted. I will then tally up the votes and pick the three that receive the most votes. Those three will be posted up next week during Fan Appreciation Week.

You will have until April 29th to submit your votes so get them in now!